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Cryptocurrency Venture KRH Partners Takes In Sam Rosenblum

Cryptocurrency Venture KRH Partners Takes In Sam Rosenblum

Sam Rosenblum, a former Polychain Capital partner, and Coinbase’s ex-director announced on Twitter yesterday that he has joined the cryptocurrency venture, KRH Partners.

Sam Rosenblum

Rosenblum was formerly a general partner at Polychain Capital and the director of business development at Coinbase. Now, he has been appointed as a partner and deal-team-lead by Kathryn Haun, previously a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz who recently started the firm KRH Partners. Furthermore, it was told that KRH’s new deal-team-lead would be in charge of growing the deal team and recruiting new members.

The former Polychain partner said that, even before Haun convinced Rosenblum to join her efforts, he was in the midst of raising funds and recruiting for his own crypto fund. However, the choice to join hands with KRH was due to the firm’s emphasis on policy and public relations, which he believes are critical functions for the sector to move out of the cryptocurrency eco-chamber.

He further tweeted,

“We want to get crypto into the hands of one billion users by 2025, and to get there, we’re investing at each layer of the crypto/web3 tech stack and backing companies, DAOs, and protocols across the early and acceleration stages.”

As per Crypto.com, a company that offers trading and other digital coin services, there were approximately 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide by the end of last year.

A critical turning point for cryptocurrency

Rosenblum stated that cryptocurrency has reached a critical turning point, as the impact beyond the eco-chamber of technology lovers and early adopters was evidently showcased.

He further spoke about getting one billion users, and in perspective said that the team will enable infrastructure advancements that will allow for huge scale growth, the extension of existing categories to mass-market user bases, and the entry of wholly new integrated e-commerce and user segments.

Rosenblum added that during the previous eight years, he has been extremely lucky enough to work with some of the most extraordinary people in the crypto industry and that he is excited to now collaborate with Katie Haun and Rachael Rad. Chris Lehane and a few more.

It has been announced that the deal team will be on the lookout for more hires in the coming months and that anyone interested should contact them.


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