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Sotheby’s To Auction 104CryptoPunk NFT As One Collection

Sotheby’s To Auction 104CryptoPunk NFT As One Collection

On February 23, auction house Sotheby’s will sell 104 CryptoPunk non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during its New York City auction.

Sotheby’s, the English art auction company, announced Tuesday that 104 CryptoPunks, one of the biggest and most famous NFT collections to date, will be auctioned off.

The auction house will hold the first special live evening sale for NFTs with a single trade of 104 CryptoPunks. The live evening auction would also connect the physical and digital worlds together in an unparalleled display for NFTs and digital art, with a display on accord with its most important and high-profile Modern and Contemporary art sales.

As the auction house announced, on 8 February 2022, that the series will be offered as a single collection, it was estimated that this sale would bring between USD 20 and 30 million.

As per the auction company, the CryptoPunks auction will take place in New York on the said date at 7:00 p.m. EST along with a virtual exhibit that will be held at Sotheby’s headquarters in Decentraland. This will mark the auction house’s first exclusive live evening auction for NFTs. Guests will also be treated to a VIP Punk Dinner and a live party with SeedPhrase, a DJ.

Bidders allowed to use cryptocurrency for the auction at Sotheby’s

Unknown buyer ‘0x650d’ purchased the 104 CryptoPunks. The 104 in the group, like other CryptoPunks, have a wide range of appearances, including sunglasses, mohawk haircuts, caps, and other gear.

Sotheby’s Co-Head of Digital Art Michael Bouhanna said in a statement,

“CryptoPunks are the original PFP series that created the template for other NFT projects that have followed, and which helped propel NFTs to the global stage as one of the most recognizable visual styles that have become synonymous with the digital art movement.”

Before the sale, the auction house will host a live panel discussion. It will concentrate on the history of NFTs and CryptoPunks, given their enormous appeal among celebrities like Jay-Z and Jason Derulo, who have used them as profile images.

However, the names of the panelists have not yet been revealed.


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