Home Bitcoin News Shiba Inu Rolls Out Its Virtual Real Estate In Metaverse- Shiba Lands

Shiba Inu Rolls Out Its Virtual Real Estate In Metaverse- Shiba Lands

Shiba Inu Rolls Out Its Virtual Real Estate In Metaverse- Shiba Lands

Shiba Inu’s obsession with metaverse took the next big turn when the creators of the meme coin announced the launch of its native virtual real estate called Shiba Lands competing with the likes of Sandbox and Decentraland. Announcing via Twitter, the team behind the development published a blog informing the community of some latest updates in its ambitious metaverse project.

“We are happy to announce and proudly introduce Shiba Lands! These “lands” found inside our Metaverse will be available for purchase/auction really soon, and it will be our first step towards allowing the community to jump into the Metaverse prior to its full release!”

In addition to that, the creators revealed that they are currently working on a queue system, designed specifically for the event of Shiba Land sales. This system as per the blog would provide support to prevent Bots and Gas Wars while at the same time making the process something fair and smooth for its users worldwide.

Other than that, the queue system would provide exclusivity by requiring interested parties to hold LEASH tokens, which it claims would give priority and private access to this first selling phase of the land plots in its Metaverse.

The announcement post also mentioned an anti-dump system that would work towards protecting LEASH holders. The post went on add that the remaining lands will be unlocked, and would be available for the public after this ‘exclusive selling process finalizes.’

“Owning a piece of Shiba Real Estate will bring an array of benefits! We are not stopping, this is just the beginning,” the post concluded.

The news comes close on the heels of developers who first dropped a teaser a few weeks ago that showcased an image of their virtual universe calling it the ‘Shiberse’ announcing its entry into the virtual world. The image that was posted via Twitter contained the face of the meme coin, a Shiba Inu dog, in a digitally rendered forest environment.

Shiba Inu developers first unveiled the plans for the Shiberse project back in November last year in a blog post. The development team touted the Shiberse to be an “immersive experience for users with state-of-the-art graphics.”


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